This project is an interactive fountain. It has two separate water streams controlled by the movements of left and right hands, respectively. Light and music will evolve according to different hand movements as well. The water is always in a state of changing, and so does the cosmos. Audiences in this piece of work are not only participants but also observers. They contribute to the changes of the cosmos in the water, but they also reflect on the changes they make. The theme of the project lies in the traditional philosophy of Taoism: Yin and Yang. While interacting with the fountain, people may reflect on our relationships with nature: How should our relationship with nature be? Are we part of nature or isolated from it?

“Man takes his law from the Earth;the Earth takes its law from Heaven;Heaven takes its law from the Tao. The law of the Tao is its being what it is.  The Tao produced One;One produced Two;Two produced All things.
All things leave behind them the Obscurity(out of which they have come),and go forward to embrace the Brightness(into which they have emerged),while they are harmonized by the Breath of Vacancy.”   -- Lao Zi

Music Copyright (C) 2017 Lu Wang

︎  Copyright © 2019 YIYAO NIE 聂伊瑶.