The Silk Road


2017 NYC Media Lab

2017 Zhejiang University Thesis Show


<The Silk Road> is my undergraduate thesis project.
It’s a combination of traditional scroll painting and Augmented Reality. The interactive scroll painting is based on the history of the Silk Road. It is divided into two volumes and each of them is three meters long, telling 8 stories along the Silk Road from the beginning of Chang An to the west of Central Asia.
This work has been awarded as the best thesis project of Zhejiang University and as the first prize of China National Human Computer Interaction Design 2017, and has been exhibited in china and NYC Media.

「丝绸之路」是一个传统画卷和增强现实 (Augmented Reality) 结合的作品。该画卷取材于丝绸之路的历史,分为上下两卷,卷长3米,从浪漫和传奇的角度,讲述了丝绸之路东始长安,西至中亚的8个故事。 该作品结合了传统画卷和AR技术,诗词曲赋与动画结合,用户扫描画卷中的图片和文字,就会看到画卷中的人和景仿佛从历史中走出,讲述一个个波澜壮阔的故事。AR和画卷的完美融合,让用户感受不到虚拟和现实区别,仿若画卷本身动了起来。该作品曾经拿过浙江大学最佳毕设奖和2017年全国计算机人机交互大赛一等奖,曾在国内和纽约Media Lab展出。

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