Life in a Nutshell II

<Life in a Nutshell II> is the second volumn of <Life in a Nutshell>.
What does it mean as a human being? 

This is an interactive installation that invites viewers to become part of the character to experience the life cycle.

To invite viewer to play the role of human being in each of the Chinese character, to embody the pictogram, the viewer will become one of the character in each of the chinese characters. Another character will be a virtual character in the story, as families, as lovers, as friends in the experience to guide and accompany the viewer.


生 Birth

The moment we were born as one of the millions of creatures on earth.
How hard we try to break out from the ground.

出 Depart

The moment we get the courage to leave home to see the world, even with innocence and arrogance.
We know nothing about the future. But we still leave home.

樂 Happiness

Those moments of joy, as simple as just playing and dancing to music like an instrument.

鄉 Hometown

The moment we start to miss our hometown, thousands of words and memories turn into a single meal we share with friends and families from our native place.

死 Death

We will all die some day. When that day comes, will there anyone who remembers us and grieves for us?


I firstly used motion capture, Maya and Houdini to create animation and story.

Then I categorized 12 skeleton data viewers will do and then used machine learning to train these 12 different poses. The poses and characters are paired with each other.  

I used unity, shader, VFX and high definition rendering pipeline to achieve realtime graphics, and used kinect and osc to create interaction, then use spout and madmapper for projection mapping.

︎  Copyright © 2019 YIYAO NIE 聂伊瑶.