Life in a Nutshell I

Wood & PLA & Steel
with character and pictogram carved on the wood

<Life in a Nutshell I> is the first part of <Life in a Nutshell>.
What does it mean as a human being?

Life in a Nutshell, the title of the work, refers to the artist’s rigorous study of ancient Chinese pictograms or ideogram and how they inspire people today about their life.

These 13 sculptures tell a story about human from 4000 years ago to today in nutshell through the origins of language.

The artist picked 12 essential words that describe the life of human in a cycle based on Chinese philosophy. From birth, to sky, questioning the relationship between human and nature, to growing up in home, to dreaming up, to departing, to finding love, to tasting sadness and happiness, to returning,to hometown and to become aged day and day,  and finally come to death as a cycle.

To embody the pictogram, each of the sculpture has human beings inside the oracle bone script, which is considered as the first fully functional and mature Chinese characters in Chinese written language system. 

︎  Copyright © 2019 YIYAO NIE 聂伊瑶.